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I'm David Graham, a software designer in Denver, Colorado. I work at GitHub, making a little more wonderful every day. Follow me on Twitter!

Hello World!

We started Negative Code because we love building software and helping customers. In the past, we’ve built and deployed enterprise systems at some of the world’s biggest companies. But building complicated systems isn’t the only way to go. Elegant, well defined products acting together are easier to understand and maintain. We believe less code is better code.


Everything at Negative Code starts with design. Before we write a line of code we’re designing the product. This isn’t just the user interface design. We craft the full user experience, from installing the product, to programmer APIs, all the way through to support calls. It definitely shows when a product has been painstakingly designed. That’s the only kind of software we make.


How many times have we been satisfied with a support call or product documentation? Not many. So, we’re always happy to pick up the phone and you’ll always speak with a highly-qualified engineer to help with problems right away. The only reason we build software is to make customers happy. We don’t have a bronze tier for support. We only do platinum.


We love the craft of designing and building software. We’re passionate about testing, programming languages, user interface design, and scalable server systems. We’ll be sharing techniques we’ve learned along the way on this blog and at local user groups and conferences.

Open Source

Writing open source software is some of the most fun we have. The community around most projects is welcoming and helpful. As much as possible, we release our software under open source licenses and contribute to other projects upon which we depend. We’re extremely proud of our code and love to share it.

Hopefully you will enjoy using our software as much as we enjoy building it. Stay tuned!

- David Graham
15 Jun 2011